TCM department introduction


TCM department introduction
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Brief introduction of TCM department

    The TCM Department was established in 1958, the same as the Peking University Third Hospital. There were only 4 TCM doctors at the beginning. Since 1970, with the development the hospital, more integrative of TCM and western medicine doctors with high-educated background have joined the TCM department and at that time, there were nearly 20 medical staff. They combined two medical theories and techniques in the clinical practice and gained quite a lot of achievements in clinic, such as the treatment of mammary glands disease with acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine, deep acupuncturing at Yamen Point to treat epilepsy, et al.

    Since 1990s, talented and creative young faculty made this department renewed. The reforming and opening-up policy made TCM widely accepted by overseas. There are many foreign students and visiting scholars coming to the TCM department to learn Chinese medicine and acupuncture each year. Meanwhile, many doctors of the TCM department work and teach TCM abroad.

    In the recent ten years, the number of outpatient encounters daily in TCM department has been keeping in the front level among all the other clinical departments. In 2007, the number of the outpatient encounters was over 107,000. The three retired specialists, Prof Yuan, Prof Lu and Pro Zhao are still dedicating for the clinic; Prof. Nie Youzhi, and other 8 associate professors, 5 chief physicians with lot of working experience are offering high qualified, warm-hearted medical service for everyone who are seeking help from TCM.

    In the field of teaching and research, since the department was established, the doctors of the TCM department have been in charge of teaching TCM and acupuncture courses for the medical students in Beijing Medical University. In 1997, Spanish international training program of acupuncture started, there have been 8 anniversary, nearly 150 people have finished the training course so far.

    In the recent years, the members in the TCM department took part in 5 cooperative research projects with national financial supports on TCM and acupuncture, and additional university financial support for 2 projects. There are 39 professional papers published in the domestic important medical journals and 4 works published with the first editor in chief.   

    In addition, the public health education is regularly held in our department. It was very welcomed by the public, especially patients and their family members.

    It is the cooperative spirit and hardworking tradition that promote our department continuous growth. Our department is and will continue to be growing in the future.

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